Product Information

List of Product Types

  • mechatronics
    We provide basic machine parts, such as ball screws and guides which achieve high-precision drive, a wide variety of bearings that enable machines to stably exert their capabilities, and reduction gears, fastening parts, clutches, brakes, steel balls, and cooling systems that support various types of movement.
  • motion_control
    Motion control
    We provide state-of-the-art products which lead the motion control industry; for example, control motors such as stepping motors and servo motors, which are indispensable for equipments that require high-precision drive, linear actuators for accurate positioning, spindle units for precision rotation at a constant speed, x-y-θ stages and grippers that grab objects of various hardness.
  • sensors
    Positioning sensors that detect the location of objects, force sensors that measure pressing force and impact, gauges for checking quality on manufacturing lines... Asahi Kohsan provides state-of-the-art sensors which serve as the five senses of various systems and are indispensable for the evolution of systems.
  • special_environments
    Special environments
    We provide products for use in environments desired by the customer. Environmental characteristics include clean, vacuum, corrosion resistant, high temperature, non-magnetic, high humidity, and autoclave compatible.
    Since this product group is difficult to standardize, we would appreciate it if you could use the provided inquiry form to specify any problems, requests, or desired products.