About Us 01

    The reason why we refer
    to ourselves as a “total coordinator”
    is because we can create novel products
    which have never existed before  

    Asahi Kohsan is a technical trading company that connects customers seeking mechatronics products and motion control products with suppliers of those products. We also assist in creating new products that meet the needs of our customers. This flexibility makes Asahi Kohsan a “total coordinator.”

  • About Us 02

    Supporting innovation in mechatronics,
    motion control, and sensors
    from a broad perspective

    In fields such as semiconductor manufacturing equipment, bio/medical equipment, and FA equipment, we support innovation in each industry by providing a wide range of parts with multifaceted ideas such as mechatronic parts, motion parts, and sensor parts. In particular, Asahi Kohsan has accumulated know-how in motor control technology by continuing to meet the needs of customers over a period of many years. This know-how is our intangible asset.

  • About Us 03

    Striving to provide even better products through the comprehensive strength of our group companies.

    Our stepping motors and drivers have received high evaluation since our founding. Without being satisfied by our accomplishments, we focused on development research together with our group company Asahi Engineering. We have constantly delivered products that resolve issues such as how to reduce vibration, heat generation, noise, etc.

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  • About Us 04

    Asahi Kohsan products fulfill important
    roles in daily life
    Our products fulfill a behind-the-scenes role in supporting the functions of various machines and devices. Although they might not be recognized in daily life, our products play essential roles throughout the city. Asahi Kohsan will continue to deliver the products needed by society in an optimal form, from everyday areas to cutting-edge fields.
    • Surveillance cameras
      Surveillance cameras
    • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
      Semiconductor manufacturing equipment
    • Copiers
    • Railway platform doors
      Railway platform doors
    • Humanoid robots
      Humanoid robots
    • CT scans
      CT scans
    • Satellites