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Rapid advances in IT have led to specialization, diversification and globalization in industry, making mechatronics more essential than ever. In fact, several of the key systems that hold our 21st century society together are supported by advanced mechatronics components. Asahi Kohsan is your complete coordinator for mechatronics components. We connect companies seeking components with the companies that manufacture them. And we put the components that match your needs in your hands faster than anyone else. Meeting your demands is our mission, today and into the future.

Corporate Outline
Corporate Name Asahi Kohsan Co., Ltd.
Established August 1961
Capital 48 million Japanese yen
Head Office 3-1 Kojimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
102-0083, Japan
President Masayuki Ouchi
Corporate Business
1. Sales of motors and controllers
2. Sales of precision units/components
3. Sales of automatic laborsaving devices
4. Export/import of the above-mentioned products
5. System sales, including development of new products to meet customers’ demands
Branch Office Kanto Branch
3-6-12-2 Gakuen-Higashicho, Kodaira-shi, Tokyo 187-0043, Japan
Phone: +81-(0)42-343-8955
Fax: +81-(0)42-343-5600
August 1961: With 500,000 yen in capital, Masami Ouchi established Asahi Kohsan. The company began selling stainless steel 440C for the manufacture of bearings — a first in Japan. It also introduced sales of domestically produced ball screws for the first time in Japan.
June 1965: Entered electronics field with sales of various electronic control apparatus, including a non-point-of-contact relay.
March 1969: Launched sales of domestically produced stepping motors for the first time in Japan.
June 1970: Spun off the Engineering Sales Department, and established Asahi Engineering Co., Ltd., an affiliate specialized in manufacturing.
May 1980: Established partnership with Chiba Precision Co., Ltd. and became sole distributor for its TORMAX® DC servomotors.
February 1981: Became sole distributor in Japan for MPB Corporation, a U.S. bearing manufacturer.
June 1981: Financial report merited exemplary by government.
February 1990: Masayuki Ouchi inducted as president.
June 2001: Constructed Asahi Building in Kodaira-shi, Tokyo.
March 2004: Obtained ISO 14001:1996 certificate.
March 2005: Renewed ISO 14001:2004 certificate.
April 2005: Established Asahi Kohsan (H.K.) Limited.
April 2007: Obtained ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
September 2009: Established Asahi Kohsan (S.H.) Limited.
February 2010: Renewed ISO 9001:2008 certificate.
April 2018: Renewed ISO 9001:2015 certificate.
April 2018: Renewed ISO 14001:2015 certificate.

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